Kamikaze Angel: Grooming Artillery for Men

Kamikaze is the 'spirit wind' a force of nature. Angel is the icon, the protector.

Kamikaze Angel is a force to be reckoned with - as gentle as it is strong. This is today's man and Kamikaze Angel is his grooming range.

We've worked with the best in show to create the highest quality product range in solutions manufacturing, industrial design and art.

A man’s sexuality and desire are embodied in his choice of grooming products, which is why we've launched with a personal lubricant – putting sex, desire and sensuality at the heart of a man’s grooming ritual.

We advocate:

  • * Being disruptive and rebellious, yet playful and naughty
  • * Being sensual and energetic, taking the rough with the smooth
  • * That every man honours his sexuality with confidence, integrity and curiosity
  • * Living life to the fullest
  • * Living life in the light
  • * That every man lives his truth