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Since the product launch, Kamikaze Angel has been featured in Attitude Magazine (along with a Kamikaze Angel product competition), Gay Times, and founder Jarod Chapman has been interviewed on Bear World.

From an exposure point-of-view, Kamikaze Angel launched a one month campaign on Grindr, which resulted in some 20 000 visits to the website.

Recent Media Exposure

Attitude Magazine, Kamikaze Angel personal lubricants  

Bears In Business - Jarod Chapman
(Bear World Magazine)


OK, so he’s more like an Otter in Business, but hey he created the best lube we’ve ever tried, so of course we wanted to find out more about Jarod! 

I came up with the idea of Kamikaze Angel Luxe Lube after spotting an opportunity within the men’s grooming industry to create a product that celebrates a man’s sexuality.

During my time as a personal trainer and massage therapist I was fortunate enough to travel the world with an international rock star – it was simply the best. It was on this year-long world tour that the concept for Kamikaze Angel began to take shape.

Here’s that concept…

I believe a man’s sexuality and desire are embodied in his choice of grooming products which is why I’ve launched Kamikaze Angel with a personal lubricant – putting sex, desire and sensuality at the heart of our grooming ritual.

I’ve personally collaborated with the best manufacturer in the industry to develop the highest quality luxe lubes. Along with my artist-in-residence, some cutting edge accessories, and a unique design concept, I’ve created something I’m very proud of.

Kamikaze Angel’s look is as important as the luxe lube feels – I’ve a love of urban art, design and the male form that inspired me to create the unique grenade shaped bottle.
I don’t just talk about it, I do it – keep an eye out for Kamikaze Angel graffiti in a city near you. I recently hijacked space at the undercroft on London’s Southbank to showcase my luxe lube to the wider world.

I collaborate with an artist friend of mine, Matthew Walkswithdogs (not a typo, this is his name, he really does walk with dogs). He is our artist-in-residence and he celebrates all male forms, whatever shape they take. He created the Southbank graffiti; at the moment he’s got a penchant for bears…

I’m not just stopping at lube – Kamikaze Angel provides the full grooming artillery for men and in the near future will include a body wash, a shower oil and bath salts.


Recent Media Exposure -
August 2016

Gay Times, Kamikaze Angel personal lubricants  
Kamikaze Angel Luxe Lubes puts sex, desire and sensuality at the heart of their new premium personal lubricant brand.

Kamikaze Angel’s solutions have been created by one of Europe’s most respected solutions manufacturers, the silky smoothness of the silicone is matched in quality by the long lasting sensuality of the water based lube. Trust us, we have personally tried and tested these and sourced the best.

Founder, Jarod Chapman was inspired to create a sexy artillery of personal care products after a year on the road with an international rock star as their personal wellness coach. He says “I toured the world, took digital photos of graffiti and urban art, watched a rock concert most nights and began the initial process of developing a men’s grooming artillery, hence the iconic grenade shape of our 250ml bottle and the urban art of our branding; this is rock n roll meets the disco in hot pants and leather. I’ve also developed a cleansing shower oil, body wash and eau de toilette, to be released next year”.

It’s time for men to celebrate their love, sexuality and sense of play in their grooming rituals, lube is an essential part of our toiletry kit, when it’s encased in a grenade it looks as good as it feels.

Gay Times Article

Prowler Magazine, Kamikaze Angel personal lubricants